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For our first year down in Texas I was super excited and surprised by all the beautiful colors of the blooming flowers as spring arrived. It was something about Texas I never imagined or heard of, but it was such a pleasant surprise.

This Easter the famous blue bonnet fields were in full bloom so we decided to jump in the car and go find one of these blooming meadows for a little Easter Sunday afternoon photoshoot, and to celebrate our pregnancy of our first baby and get some maternity photos. One of the best places for viewing the blue bonnet blooms is actually just 30 minutes drive, in Ennis, Texas. We picked up a map at their downtown center where it showed the best driving routes and a few public parks with the best places to stop for photos. We landed at the Meadow Nature Area in Ennis that had a beautiful large field of blue bonnets on the side of Lake Bardwell.

Location: Meadow Nature Area, Ennis, Texas

1901 Laneview Dr, Ennis, TX 75119


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